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Stick With Something Weird or Raro's DVDs

AVOID Elvira's DVD of this movie and either get the fullframe Something Weird Region 1 DVD (or the Region 2 British release: they should be the same) or go for the new Raro 16x9 PAL version, which runs about a minute longer but is matted to a 1:78:1 LBX ratio. Raro also did their transfer using the original 35mm negatives, SWV is using a positive 16mm print that's still nice -- especially if you can't play PAL DVD -- but the Raro DVD definitely has a sharper looking transfer with better light/dark contrasts.

But avoid Elvira's: Even with her "hosted" segments excluded the movie fades out/fades in to simulate the broadcast format with commercials, which is curious considering that she is using a print with the nudity intact and is not how I recall her program as airing.


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Dear Xcalate: Or a person could go out and buy the old Magnum Home Entertainment release on VHS. Since the movie's only a 1:66/1 film you don't miss hardly anything if you watch it on a 4x3 Tv set. Works for me anyway.

Nice old heavy tape with a cool blue label on both the top of the videocassette and the spine of it.

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Not enough sex.. lol!

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I also would like to thank you for the DVD Info.


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