bill hicks?

hi there. hoping someone can help...

is the bill hicks in this movie actually bill hicks the comedian or someone with the same name...

and if it IS the same chap, what does he do in this film? (ie - would it be worth getting if you're a big fan of hicks comedy stuff?)



I seriously doubt that this is the comedian Bill Hicks, unless he was starring in gore films @ age 12. I saw the flick in High School and was bored to tears. Do yourself a favor and avoid it.

Bill Hicks rules, BTW.


It's not the same guy. Bill Hicks in this film is a country singer, not the great comedian you're thinking of.

His scene is filler...he sings a song from beginning to end in a bar scene, even though he has no contribution to the plot of the movie. Ironically, it's probably the best part of the movie...the song isn't half bad. The opening credits song, though, is abominable.