Stupid movie

Once again Italians are white again.

And I wouldn't be surprised if (1) Lopezes and Sanchezes (Visigoths who are TRULY white) are portrayed as non-white. That really should show you how dumb these imbeciles are. And Cardoza, an indigenous Italian name.

Cohen, what a loser that director.
This is as bad as the "'bro' is black slang" "Cool Breeze" (no wonder that movie wasn't all that famous).

Please, this movie tries to hard. It could never be "COtton," "Shaft" or "Superfly"

Anyone who says Visigoths aren't white but non-Visigothic Meditteraneans are are dumb as rocks. Just as dumb as imbeciles who think "Bro" is black or white slang or that it's related to the greeting "brotha." Pathetic movie.


I like it. :)