Underrated gem

I've written on Moshe Mizrahi's page how I feel he's been unjustly ignored as a creative film maker.

This film is, I feel, his best. It's simply told, honest, moving. I show the film (in a poor copy, but what can I do?), as a companion piece to "Charly va'hezi", a more popular, but inferior film. While Boaz Davidson's film presents the so-called "edot ha'mizrah", Jews from Arab countries, in a stereotyped manner (even though it was, and still is, popular with that population), Mizrahi's film shows real people, in real situations. He also attempts to show the political and economic reality of the oppression of these sections of the population, rather than stupid "lets-screw-the-Ashkenazi" fantasies.

I hope that the film will be restored in a decent copy, and we can see it as it should. Any information to that end will be welcome.