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Time Lucas finally went back and fixed this film!

See 1:37. George Lucas's reflection can be seen in the car window!

GL must take advantage of the latest CG tech to erase this errant appearance of himself from the scene, finally bringing the film closer to his original vision.


He digitally fixed the sky in the opening shot so it would be the sunset as it should be based on the time the scene takes place. Maybe Lucas can’t edit it further because Coppola would object.


And have CG Toad do a million flips and karate kicks and the ability to fly.

Replace Milners face with Harrison Fords.

Get rid of the race scene at the end because that’s naughty and offensive.

Then we’d have a reboot on par with the new Star Wars.


If Harrison Ford is now the face of Milner, then Bob Falfa will have to be replaced with Boba Fett (or more likely Hayden Christiansen).