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Ok, so I know three year olds...

Bella looks to be about three years old.

Suddenly a guy she's known only a short time (Kevin) tells her she's going to live with him and he's going to make her breakfast every day and blah blah ... and she just smiles and nods.

No Way.

Bella would be going through so much psychological trauma with the unexplained loss of her mother. She should be afraid, lashing out, crying. Confused. Having nightmares.

(and I understand the actor is a small child, so I wouldn't expect her to do these things on-screen ... instead, maybe have Esther, who has been taking care of her, report Bella's grief and change of behavior to Kevin, and other people...)

And Kevin should be mad as hell at missing out on his daughter's birth and bonding time... etc. He should be struggling with trying to connect with a little girl who barely knows him.

But instead, he's just like, "Cool! Instant daughter! Thanks Chloe! I'll ALWAYS defend you no matter who you lie to, steal from, or torture and murder!"

Roll credits.