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Why hasn't ITV revived this series akin to The BBC's DR Who yet?

This series revived today as an updated incarnation with links to the original, but being vastly improved upon with many new concepts could be given to ITV with a presentation made, budget per season outlined and scripts developed and written by noted science fiction authors and script writers who have a strong basis with science fictions stories and the sci-fi genre on TV.

The classic series has that nostalgia factor what could work if a revival was attempted. Or another option would be to adapt both the original and the re-imagined 1992 version (although originally they weren't related to each other as the 92 version was a complete reboot.) and have a possible continuation of both with a new cast. Who are eventually visited by the older cast members of the previous shows who'd guest star in the revived series from time to time if its creatively possible to do so. All new redone Tomorrow People series with a real budget behind it for today's audiences. With it being shown in prime time television hours, opposed to the originals children's television settings of both previous The Tomorrow People shows. Still somewhat family based but within the prime time setting of 7pm to 9:30pm mind you?

Vastly updated effects, a much more stronger "science" based writing and storylines fixture with the episode development and all new concepts could see this old series being given a new lease on life with ITV, as they have done with their Primeval series.

Films like Jumper have shown what its like to Jump/Teleport around the world and do incredible things with an advancement to 'homo sapiens' as 'homo superior' somewhat? A new series could take back what movies have taken from The Tomorrow People which did that first decades ago and remake it an action packed element and formula for a new Tomorrow People TV series for the 21st century. And all the other abilities/Psionic powers from the classic and 90's series can be explored again such as; telepathy, Psychokinesis, Pyrokenesis, teleportation. While grounding them in a new reality developed for the series with a new set of rules or improved upon series bible rules. Could also experiment with how other shows have done the same old tricks and make all new ones for the Tomorrow People so a new series would stand out against the crowd of genre show peers that a revived show would face up against on television.

And one would have to ask and what of creator; Roger Price? Can be be asked to return and oversea a new show being made (as i hear he retired years ago).

Anyway figure this was always ripe for a major discussion. So please, what do you think of the Tomorrow People being possibly revived today as an all-new heavily updated series.


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The CW is looking to remake it. -adaptation-of-uk-show-tomorrow-people/


Yeah just came across it now when i was looking into the show again.

Its also got a page up on as well..

Seems to be heavily Americanized though? Which is sad to learn of (not in a disrespectful way mind you?) as this show was a British thing akin to Dr Who which the original Tomorrow's People series competed against in the 70's etc.


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Here is 5 minutes on the new series