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Where can I find subtitles for this?

Does anybody know where I can get English or German subtitles for this movie?


WOW I wish I had the film I saw it years ago'


There's a 2-3 year old original language w/newly subtitled (inferior to the original IMO*) remastered release from Celestial Pictures/IVL Distributors in Region 3 Hong Kong. Widescreen picture however is fantastic.

(*) Also there's World Video (HK) original language Mandarin release that is now very rare but may be still floating around in selected Chinatown video stores worldwide (probably for rental only) however it's pan & scan so parts of the burnt in subs are cropped however the translation is from the original prints.

Just Google the companies and see what it crops up.


Thanks for your help!


If you still need subs for The new one armed swordsman you can find them here:

And if you need a great copy - it´s online here:

Sorry für den "furchtbar langen Link", aber geht halt nicht anders. :)