Creepy film

I found this film to be very exciting and suspensful. I never knew Elizabeth Montgomery, had such great vocals, in the scene where she discovers her dead sister in the back of the station wagon, and starts crying and screaming, and then she really lets go when she flees from the husband in the car, and slams the rear of the car into him, pinning him against the tree!!! Whata set of lungs our Elizabeth has on her. Wow, she really knew how to scream for this scene!!
Im surprised she didnt make more scary films with her incredible acting range of talents. I loved her own Bewitched and she did such a marvelous superb job in this film. A large, creepy house, in a rainstorm, is always the perfect setting for a scary film. This is a great suspensful, scary film.


It isn't fair, using the living, to bring back the dead!!!-THE SCREAMING SKULL


I am rarely impressed by screaming. Wow, was Elizabeth the exception. Her range was incredible. I love it when she said, "Ouch!" in the basement and then the way she reacted to the shaggy dog shaking off his raindrops on her. She was so natural and made it look effortless.


She did a couple more creepy mysteries after this. They are:-

The Legend of Lizzie Borden
Missing Pieces