Region 1 DVD info

Varous Region 1 DVD manufactors , here are a few:

Southern DVD NTSC, Region 0, Widescreen

Diamond Entertainment DVD NTSC, Region All, Widescreen, Stereo, 90 minutes

Echo Bridge Entertainment DVD, NTSC, Region 1, Dolby Digital Stereo, 96 minutes

Brentwood Entertainment DVD NTSC, Region 1, Fullscreen, 112 minutes

Proactive Entertainment DVD NTSC Region 1, 100 minutes

Passion Productions DVD, NTSC, Region All, 112 minutes

Vina DVD , NTSC, Region 1, 100 minutes

St. Clair DVD, NTSC, Region 1, 100 minutes

Plantium Disc DVD, NTSC, Region 1, 95 minutes

Mircle Pictures DVD, NTSC, Region 1


so many time differences?

When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


Which is the best version to get? Is there a widescreen 112 min version out there?


So far there is No DVD of the long version, I hope there is a release soon.

Most of the budget/cheap Region 1 DVD's are full frame, 95 minutes long.

A MAN TO RESPECT aka The Master Touch
Japanease Laserdisc is widescreen, 112 minute version
non-removamble subtitles and is out of print