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I bought two of this film from Google-advertised dealers---

--one never arrived, and the other is a runny mess to look at. Moreover, you can't seem to find where to return it...

I don't WANT to return it, because I have no place to get a second (third!) one. I have seen copies of The Battleship Potemkin that looked better than this! HOWEVER, you can see most of the pictures, and hear most of the dialogue...I'm trying to decide whether to make a friend of mine, who would find the film very interesting, sit through 15 minutes, and then tell me if he wants to see the rest.
I am personally very tolerant, and found it an interesting adventure.

And such a quiet, sensible adventure, filled with people who talk and act like people, do not get hysterical, kill or get killed. In this way, it is a breakthough film for the United States. The acting is all fine, from Hal Holbrook, Martin Sheen and Scott Jacoby (the 14-year-old boy).

But you are almost better off watching it on Youtube. WHAT. A. SHAME!

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