Am I the only one who thinks that this is somewhat underrated? I mean, it's by no means a cinematic masterpiece. Pretty bad acting from one or two minor characters. But I thought it was decent enough to watch. I didn't feel the urge to turn it off at any stage. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't just because Antoinette Bower was being rather sexy for most of it.

Or is everyone just upset at the "hunting humans" thing?

Anyway, I gave it a 5.

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Not a bad scenario, and the acting was okay, but the screaming-mad-monster-action/talking ratio was way off. More action, less yammering, please.

I saw this at the drive-in back in '72 and then earlier this evening when it was broadcast (in primetime!) on the MGM cable network. Thirty-eight years between viewings.


Steve V.


MGM cable network, was that in HD? I just saw it in HD on the MGM-HD channel on DirecTV.

It IS bad, however it was fun to see what others had seen at the drive-in when it played during it's release. People were starving for entertainment at a time when only network TV was all there was for home video entertainment.

Even though it was bad, I found it fun to watch because of the year it was made along with the styles and technology of it's time.


Has some very fine production value.

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You people are monsters. 60% of this movie is the lead actress traveling on a plane, then in a car, then in a boat, then in a car, then walking a whole lot, then going in a row boat, then again in a rowboat. Another 20% of the movie is the camera man just filming whatever *beep* he sees. Some trees, random people walking, a rock, a car. Then there's a whole lot of talking that doesn't lead to much. In the end the "SuperBeasts" are just really angry ugly people who are a little stronger than average. They should show this movie in prison. No... in Guantanamo. This is the kind of movie that makes me glad abortion is legal, because every time a woman kills her infant, that's one less person who at some time in his or her life may accidentally stumble upon this film and be tormented by it's ungodly *beep* Watching this movie should be a form of therapy for rape victims. The experience will make their traumatic memories of the rape seem less horrific. As soon as I was done watching this crap I ran to the nearest church and begged the priest to baptize me so that I would have the protections afforded to a follower of God and would never have to fear going to hell one day, because in that awful place, they surely force you to watch this movie.


And I'm pretty sure it wasn't just because Antoinette Bower was being rather sexy for most of it. []

She was actually the only reason I kept watching, because she was indeed sexy throughout the film. That woman knew how to wear a pair of slacks, let me tell you. 😁 Nice to see her not playing a baddie, also, which she normally did.

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