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'All I want for Christmas is please go away'

I just saw this excellent ghostly story, with thanks to the very fine dvd rental store in my neighborhood.
Since Nigel Kneale is one of those names always in the back of my head, the dvd cover immediately got my attention. And the television play didn't disappoint me.


It's fun to watch those early seventies I.T. innovators working on colossal computers, but that's how it was then. My older brother told me stories about his 1970s time at the university, when they used a punching-machine to make cards which the computer could read. No floppy's or cd's then, punching cards were state of the art.
The old saxon chapel in the derelict house - where the IT-scientists settle up - seems to be haunted. An interesting challenge for data-minded logical thinkers.

Jane Asher plays an ESP-sensitive computer programmer, and she looks stunningly good. She can also be admired in MASQUE OF THE RED DEAD (1964) and DEEP END (1971), and if I remember well she was Paul McCartney's girlfriend somewhere in the sixties.

As the sleeve reads, later films like John Carpenter's PRINCE OF DARKNESS (Kneale worked with Carpenter on the original screenplay of Season Of The Witch/Halloween III, which sadly they didn't use for the end result) show a similar situation, with a team of enthusiastical scientists and students working, with computers (!), in a church house where in the basement something old has been stored for centuries.

Nigel Kneale's ideas are not completely new: he himself used the idea of 'ancient recordings' in his own masterpiece QUATERMASS AND THE PIT, while in 1959 American writer Shirley Jackson wrote the sublime THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, about a house itself as the root of paranormal activity.

"When there is no more room in the Oven,
the Bread will walk the Earth."



very creepy film

and a nice review

When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


For me it is incredibly dated with completely OTT performances.


i COMPLETELY AGREE. eXPECTED TO SEE AN AVERAGE OF 2.1 and people laughing at the movie...


Coz lifes too short to listen to Madlib


For me it is incredibly dated with completely OTT performances.

I couldn't agree more. I felt offended by the Jill Greeley character. Her hysterical crying, fragile baby woman constantly whimping out was too much. A person can be sensitive to the supernatural without constantly turning to a bowl of jelly, yelling out for her boyfriend. How could such a pathetic excuse for an adult be so accomplished in her field?

Anyway, the early 1970s computer technology is the main thing that kept me watching. I was impressed the tech chatter (such as computer storage) was realistic. A lot of old movies resort to nerdy gobbledygook. Assuming that the audience wouldn't now the difference.

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