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Picking up the pieces (spoilers)

This is a compelling story about a middle-aged man's spiral into alcoholic psychosis, and as such, it's a bit hard to separate what's real from what's imagined. The fact that my Media VHS version is apparently missing scenes complicates it further.

A couple scenarios here:
1) Harry killed his wife, Maggie, and buried her on the beach early in the film. The hitchhiker was real, abandoned her baby, who died, then fled in Maggie's clothing. By association, Harry thinks he killed the hitchhiker.
B) Maggie really went to California, came back pregnant, but Harry imagined her as a hitchhiker whom he later killed.

Any other ideas? Has anyone seen a complete version of this film or read the novel?

Regardless, excellent performance by Peter Finch in an early role as a man who is mad as hell and can't take it anymore. Shelley Winters totally chews up the scenery (and that turkey) before her early departure. 8/10 stars.


i think the run time isnt accurate, it is a relatively short movie. As for your ideas, i don't believe the baby died but that he killed it simply becuase he didnt want the responsibility of dealing with it or having people talk (which seemed to drive him nuts generally) and as for winters i think she had been disposed of in the first place

all in all terrific movie and performance, a shame most people miss it amongst Finch's films

No Justice Just Us


Thanks for your response. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has heard of this film. This has an excellent performance by Peter Finch, much of it solo, and it's too bad it's so obscure. I guess the plot specifics don't matter as much because it's open to interpretation what's real and what part of his psychosis.


No hallucinations - I doubt you'd think there were any if you saw the full UK version (available with good picture and sound from ZDD Media).

Frankly I think this film's a masterpiece.