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Howard Zieff is passed, alas.

I saw an obit for Howard Zieff in the morning paper and it reminded me of this movie. I loved it when I saw it and have never understood why it seems to have been forgotten. Great cast, and a story which really caught the tone of the times. Oh, and it was rollicking funny in a dark way.

Maybe Mr. Zieff's death will up the visibility of his work and it will finally get released.

Read in the obit that he was an adman first - he was responsible for the Alka Seltzer 'Mamma Mia! That's some spicy meatball." commercial.


I was saddened to learn of Mr. Zieff's passing last week. He was a rather low-profile director who nonetheless made some interesting films, particularly "House Calls," "Private Benjamin" and the best disco-boxing movie ever, "The Main Event." I regret that I have not yet seen "Sliver," but hopefully it will get the release it deserves.

I had no idea he wrote that Alka Seltzer line. "The Simpsons" references that ad regularly with the Luigi character.


I bought House Calls last year for $3 at Big Lots, but have not watched it yet. Hopefully I will get it watched sometime in the near future. Slither is a good little 70s movie. The only thing its missing is Karen Black popping up in it in a wacky role, but Sally Kellerman does a fantastic job at that, and is pretty nice to look at too.

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