Let's get the facts straight!

When this 1972 movie-of-the-week first aired on ABC in its 90 minute time slot it was all about an earthquake that rocked New York City. Survivors from the subway had to make their way out of the tunnel. The syndicated version that came around in the 1980s contained additional footage about terrorists, this altering the original story line about the earthquake. This second version was NEVER shown in any of the network's repeats in the seventies. So, please, let's not put any false information out there for current and future generations. I was in front of my television on its world premiere in 1972 and its second repeat on ABC.

The syndicated version is a joke and was totally unnecessary. The ABC network made the best movie-of-the week movies and most of them were all very memorable. Who can forget "Trilogy of "Terror" starring Karen Black and the biggest one of all, "The Girl Most Likely To" (1973) that made Stockard Channing an overnight star.