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8/10: A documentary worth seing.


I gave it a 8 simply because of the relevance and importance of it, that aswell as all the technical information it contained which is so nice to see in documentaries again (not compared to the 90's but compared to conservative era of 2000 and onwards where documentaries are basically just a story about a person building a boat or an animal doing something -lacking all relevant and useful information.

This movie is very basic when it comes to cinematography - it's basically a normal person with a camera of its time (though it might have been a little more to it back then as the equipment was not as easy to use rightly as it is now).
This documentary basically tells the story about how mankind spreads from a modern perspective and entales empiric proof of it being a possible.
It also as mentioned captures alot of the technical specifications and techniques of building ships of papyrus. By todays standards its partly done amateuristic and partly with the skill exspected of such a feat, it does not hide the errors made - but shows them up, giving what feels as a honest depcition.

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