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Plays like a bad episode of Man from UNCLE on steroids

Love Lee Marvin, can tolerate Hackman given the role... Neither were featured at their best here, and worse, the story is beyond stupid. Most film buffs know the early 70s were a time of quasi-realistic films that went to the core of human emotions, passion and action.

So when you read other reviews/posts that this is "forgotten," well yes - there's a clear reason why, especially if you actually watched movies in the 1970s in actual movie theaters why this movie was forgotten back then. So many other early 70s movies were so much better, and Marvin & Hackman were in more than a few of them.

If you take out the expicit sex angle, this is like a bad 3rd season MFU ep... Hackman is the maniacal THRUSH kingpin who is so single-minded about exploiting American tastes for sex & meat he's barely 1-dimensional.

Marvin, not working for UNCLE, but now some vague sense of honor to the dying Irish Mob of Chicago, is so single-minded in his intent to overtake Hackman, do we really know what he's doing for what reasons at any point?

First he does the Derek Flint - I'm beyond this job, too cool to do it. Then he takes it on like Bond and gets to use a bad ass machine gun. Rather than boink the babe on the yacht, we apparently see his values when he disses her, but how borderline-pedo-criminal is is relationship with Spacek?

And for the first half hour, Lee Marvin, one of the coolest actors of all time, wears chintzy 1970's white shoes!

Some of the reasons why it was forgotten...


You say all this like it's a bad thing.


The director of Prime Cut -- Michael Ritchie -- began as a TV director in the 60's and indeed directed some episodes of The Man From UNCLE.

The second episode of the first season of the series was called "The Iowa Scuba Affair" and sent lead spy Napoleon Solo(Robert Vaughn) deep into farm country where he met an amiable good ol' boy villain played by Slim Pickens. Thinking of that episode now, it DOES have some of the feeling of "Prime Cut," albeit with spies, not gangsters -- and none of the sex or brutal violence of "Prime Cut."


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Not really.


I agree on most of this