Don't get it

Never understood the appeal of John Waters or Divine.


that's fine. you're entitled to your preferences. i love john waters, especially the early films. they're trash nirvana.

what i don't understand - & i don't mean anything pissy by this - is why people, when presented with the existence of people who like things they don't, feel like they have to say 'how can you like that?'

they just do. they are entitled to their preferences too. movies are not physics equations, with one correct response. they're emotional, intuitive experiences in many ways, and people experience those things differently.

i don't go on julia roberts boards wondering how anyone can like rom-coms. i don't go to air supply fan pages and ask the people there how they can like air supply's music.

they dig it, and, y'know...good for them! it doesn't hurt me one little bit that they like what they like.

one of the greatest glories of living in a relatively free world with relatively free markets is that we all get to curate our lives and choose to watch what we watch. what we like may mean absolutely nothing to someone else, and that's is just fine!