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Joseph Wambaugh - The New Centurions And Cop Portrayal

I had a chance to buy Mr. Wambaugh's version of the Reinert murders but after seeing his one hour commentary on the Reinerts and watching The New Centurions I passed. The New Centurions does not accurately portray cops. This movie was bad.


Have you read the book? The book is kind of interesting in that it's not focused as much on cops and robbers kind of action as it is the internal psychological dynamics of three individual police officers.

I haven't seen this movie (yet -- I plan to having just read the book), but the IMDB plot description makes it sound like Keach's character got turned into something of a composite of the three individual characters in the book who are all deeply flawed but in different ways.

I'm not sure you could blend their backgrounds/stories very easily and end up with the same kind of impact the book has with distinct people.


No movie accurately portrays the broad population to which a few individual characters belong. This movie is a character study of a few individuals who wear uniforms and badges and go to work each day, and it does a pretty good job in that regard.


I disagree.

The author not only was a veteran LAPD cop, but he wrote this while still on the job.

As a retired cop myself, I would say his depcition of cops in that era was very accurate.

reply have no clue....

One of the best portrayals of policing...