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Similar to In The Heat Of The Night?

Did anybody else sense a similar theme to In The Heat Of The Night (1967) staring Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger?
I just watched this film on TVS (Sydney free-to-air community channel) and it sure seems very similar to ITHOTN to me (apart from the killer and ending).
This film is in the public domain as TVS only play non copyrighted films.


I'm watching this now and thought pretty much the same thing. Not quite as good as ITHOTN, but the film has a very similar tone.

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i love that movie, not quite as good, yes, that is an understatement, i guess the similarity comes from taking place in a southern small town and shot around the same time period. how unusual for a movie that the scenes and dialogue is in full swing while still the opening credits is printed all over the screen, that goes for the closing as well, another unusual thing is the leading lady isn't a teen screaming her head off but rather a lady giving a moving performance, it seemed to be shot in such dark i thought it would nearly be unwatchable but next part it's daylight, i got it in a dvd box including 50 "classic" horror flicks, of course there is nothing extra as much as subtitles, and the sound on this was pretty bad, but it turns out the picture quality is alright, what a small cast in a big setting, i didn't expect to recognise anybody and was surprised to see at least a few recognisable actors like geoffrey lewis, i didn't catch him in the credits and has little screen time, maybe he wasn't known yet. some of the scene closures are like that of a tv-movie. it's not much worth for a horror flick, seem to just drag on casually in this small town and nothing happens. there sure are alot of werewolf versions all following the same tail tale, apparently this was the redneck version, according to me the 1941 lon chaney jr version remains the best one.

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