the last fight

Is it just me or is the final "legendary fight a bit overrated??? Sue Colt get in some good blows at the start. But then after Lee changes styles it just becomes a total curb stomp, Colt doesnt touchhim. It loses its interest to me there> Itd have been better IMO, if it were back and forth till the very end to see that it was an epic battle. Rahter we see Lee beat him down continually till he really cant fight back. What tension is there for a broken armed, broken legged man being beaten up. Were they trying to show that Lees style was better than Karate???


To answer your question...Yes!

You are entitled to my opinion, whether you want it or not!!


The climactic fight scene in The Way of the Dragon is the ultimate deflater, and overall a colossal disappointment.

Watch Hard Times to see how to properly craft a showdown between a seemingly-invincible protagonist and a badass opponent brought him to dethrone him.

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Undisputed 3 is another example of an epic fight as was Jet Li facing the evil military general (dont know the name of the movie saw it on youtube).

I think maybe Bruce should have gotten the upper hand but still taken SOME more damage.

I think it would have been cool as hell if Colt put up an even better fight than happened in the movie and Bruce was left ultimately victorious but badly beaten up and totally exhausted.

In the final scenes where he is saying good bye to his family in this "other universe" version the makeup artists could do to his face what they did to Stallone's in the Rocky movies and maybe he could in the end be shown walking with a limp due to an injured leg from one of Colts kicks or something.

I love it when the hero of a martial arts movie really has to go through hell to finally win and it takes EVERYTHING from them.

I have always felt that Steven Segal defeat his opponents way too easily.


Ironically, I reckon his son Brandon engaged in a great epic last fight in Rapid Fire.🐭


Maybe CN should've let his beard grow out first.


Sue Colt get in some good blows at the start.

She certainly did.




What people have to understand is this film was made for Chinese audiences originally. And Bruce knew what they wanted to see and that;s a Chinese Hero beating a "Gweilo" ( Chinese for Caucasian) world class Karate master, and what they wouldn't accept was seeing Bruce Lee getting severely beaten up.
Bruce Lee never intended this film for the international market.


Not to me. The build-up is great and so is the rest of it.

Sure a much closer fight would have been more thrilling to watch, but the whole thing is pretty well done nevertheless.

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I think why Lee got hit at the start was because he underestimated Colt and maybe abit too over confident at the same time. Then after he was beaten a couple of times he start to get serious and study his opponent movements while evading his attacks.


1) I imagine that Bruce Lee wanted to make a teaching point in this fight, which is the importance of not being stuck in one fighting style. Bruce is able to usefuly adjust his fighting style, Chuck is not, and Chuck gets stomped.

Also, the importance of patience -- after Bruce starts bouncing on his feet, he adopts a largely defensive attitude, and then wears down Chuck with dodging his attacks and kicking his lower legs.

2) There is some suspense here:

a) Chuck was really beating Bruce badly at the beginning. Will the adjustment that Bruce makes be able to give him the advantage? It takes a while before this is clear.

b) Once it's clear that Bruce's adjustment in fighting style has given him the edge, there's the question of whether Chuck will be able to make some counter-adjustment that will bring the edge back to _him_. Chuck makes a couple of attempts, but they don't work out.