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even back THEN the police were more sensative about Muslims

i mean of course that the Police & the whole state machinery was not capitalising on the wholsale denigration of the image of Muslims or Islam....i dont thave the knowledge to say why that is.....i would guess that America still feared the potential of countries such as Egypt, Syria, Saudi etc... and was keen to cultivate 'diplomatic' relations.

plus of course the enemy was BLACKS back then whereas now its the turn of the ARABS/MUSLIMS to be highlighted as THE problem.

any pointing out that at the VERY END of the film the police chief commenting on taking in 'witnesses' to question about Malcolm's assasination is asked if his witnesses are Muslim....which he very gaurdedly refuses to say.

Malcolm might have said that this indicated some fear & respect of the black muslims at the time, that the police were worried about their response at being singled out possibly, personally it looks to me like he actually is implying that the answer is irrelevant...... tho perhaps i am being niaeve...???