What's it like?

Let me start off by saying I LOVE Neil Young. I really do. But I've read Jimmy McDonough's "Shakey", plus the majority of feature publications on Neil's lifestory, music and film-making, and even the most diehard fans of his music seem to think (on the whole) that it's a self-indulgent piece of ****. Even Neil himself agreed that although it was something he had to do at that place in time and doesn't necessarily regret it, it takes some getting used to to say the least.

Anyone got any ideas on what this film's like? I'd still like to see it whatever the weather, so just let rip...


well..the movie is fairly innaresting

a few clips of Buffalo Springfield performing For What It's Worth,Mr. Soul and Rock 'N' Roll Woman,plus some rare clips of CSNY performing Find The Cost Of Freedom,Ohio and Sourthern Man

the most innaresting parts are seeing clips of neil just being neil at his ranch,chilling and smoking pot with his then lady,Carrie Snodgrass...you also get to see neil record a few songs in his barn...you see him rehearsing Words and Are you Ready For The Country?

the last third of the movie is pretty out there,with neil himself hardly appearing,aside for a small clip of him performing Soldier on a piano,by himself in some mill

very good movie,if you ask me


Really strange movie, especially the screaming midget thing, whatever he or she is. But yeah, it is a pretty boring movie, mostly Neil walking around with a video camera, but I enjoyed it. Interesting seeing things as they were back then.

Yeah, well...that's just, like, your opinion, man.


I saw this film 30+ years ago quite a few times at The Midnight Movies in my hometown of Columbus, OH (World Theatre). I always loved it as it seemed to be like hanging out in Neil's brain for an hour and a half. I never expected nor wanted there to be a straight narrative, and there isn't. I finally got to see it last night in it's remastered beauty and it's better than I remembered it! Maybe it works better now I'm pushing 50 than it did as a stoned teen, but if you are into Neil Young, especially the great early years of his, you should try to get ahold of this film. My only problem with it is that while it covers Buffalo Springfield, CSNY and The Stray Gators, there is no reference or film of Crazy Horse from that period. I would've liked to see some footage of that combo in it's heyday, but that's my only reservation. Yes, the film is totally self-indulgent, but I'd rather see it than just about any straight concert-film type of movie. Think of JTTP as Neil Young's HEAD and with that Monkees' movie it would make a hell of a double feature....in fact maybe tonight.....


[Late response better than never]
Saw it at a midnight showing at the sadly defunct Palo Alto Varsity. Heavily inebriated, a lot of slow bizarre parts, remember a bunch got up and left during a strange crucifix/hypodermic scene.