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Showing In London, UK - October 2009

A fascinating example of auteur Joseph Sarno's European productions, Swedish Wildcats (aka Every Afternoon) is showing as part of the BFI Southbank's Sexploitation season, taking place during September and the first half of October, 2009.

During the 1970s, Joe Sarno frequently worked in Europe, shooting in colour, but while the films he made there are decidedly less stark than the claustrophobic melodramas he made for Times Square's producers, the signature themes of sex, power and money remain. This is an unsettling film about love and illusion, laced with some rich visual treats – the 'wild animal' show with girls in full body make-up is unmissable – and a wonderful performance by Diana Dors.

Times and dates of the screenings are yet to be officially announced but will be around the first week of October.

Full details of the films earlier in the season – including a lost Sarno tale of bourgeois housewives and free-loving bohemians, Come Ride The Wild Pink Horse, and the rarely seen The Bed And How To Make It! - can be found at:

And look out for another missing Sarno masterpiece, Scarf Of Mist, Thigh Of Satin, also in early October.