Demons and Demons 2

You know those cheap-ass DVDs sold at Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store that come in thinner-than-usual cases and feature movies that played once in a theatre in Bulgaria during the 1970's and was promptly forgotten, only to be purchased by a midwestern DVD company for sale in dollar bins?

Yeah, that's how I got this flick.

Get this: it's a double-movie DVD featured next to Dario Argento's movie Demons 2. So I have this movie, which looks like a cross between a BBC production on medieval life during the inquisition and a 1970's Swedish Erotica soft-core porno, back to back with Asia Argento being possessed by a demon and killing everyone in an apartment complex or some sh!t.

For some reason, my version of this is not Les Demons or The Demons but just Demons, and I do believe the website I bought it from billed it as the Argento version of Demons. Apparently the word Demon, either singular or plural, has been used for too many euro-trash movies.

The whole thing just blows my mind. This is a pretty fun movie, too. Good for BDSM fetishists.

Sure, I keep some homemade plutonium in my pants.


Finding Jess Franco's "Les Demons" in a dollar bin is a lucky find indeed. Is it a good print? Is it the widescreen, uncut print that runs 100 minutes, or the short version?

"IMdB; where 14 year olds can act like jaded 40 year old critics...'