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'Devil in the Brain' now available on DVD or VHS

A company called "Video Search of Miami" has a catalog of obscure titles that it offers for sale. These include old TV movies like "House on Greenapple Road" (1970) which were never released on DVD or VHS.

One such obscure film is "Devil in the Brain" (1972), an Italian made thriller starring Keir Dullea, maded during the period in his life (1971-1974) when he had remarried and settled in London.

I ordered my copy of this film on DVD. This was not an official release, as the movie appeared to have been taped off an Italian television broadcast. But for those who want to see this film, this may be your only chance.

The film was in Italian (Dullea's dialouge was dubbed), and English subtitles are provided by Video Search of Miami.

Here is a link if you want to order it: