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Question about the plot... /SPOILERS/

I'm a little confused about this...


At one point in the movie, Solange's father says that he murdered Elizabeth only because she witnessed he killed Hilda... as stated later on the movie, she along with Hilda tried to stop Solange from getting into Ruth's house. So why Mr. Bascombe (Solange's father) would want to kill Hilda...? The ones directly responsible for Solange's mental illness were these three: Janet, Brenda and Helen. What was the point of murdering Hilda...? I can only assume that her death was a result of things going terribly wrong when questioned about Solange. What do you think?


I agree with everyone else on here, this is one of the best giallos I've ever seen. I'll definitely be picking up the BD for this one...


I don't have a definitive answer but of course they were the main girls to know about the abortion and its effects on Solange, which could point towards him. More importantly I think there is a question, at least in my mind, about who fathered Solange's child. The official story is that it was one of the boys the group of girls were involved with yet a connection with Italian and Prof Rosseni remains.

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