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This movie is amazing

Loved the nostalgia, innocence, and cinematography. Bravo RB


I´d even go so far to call it a "masterpiece", a forgotten one, undeservedly, but nevertheless a masterpiece. The best movie Robert Blake was in.

No, it ain´t a fun movie, that was never intended. It is a movie about a loner and loser, a movie about personal dreams and failure. A movie about how a man realizes he´ll never get/be what he wants (a top race driver) and after coming home becoming aware of what he has lost (his family) and how much this actually meant to him. About a man not being able to cope with his fate and the reactions this helplessness and the dark future provoke.

The ending is a downer (as some write on the IMDB), but it follows logically from the developments before. Some people commit suicide in such a situation, others might go on a killing spree (happens often enough in reality, unfortunately).

A GREAT MOVIE, all the way!!