I've Never Been This Far Before

I know this "song" or theme plays over the opening credits, but does
Fiona Fullerton actually sing it? And if so, where in the film? It's
a great melody, lyrics or no.


Yes, there is a vocal version sung by her, but it is not in the film. It was cut. You can only hear it on the soundtrack CD.


OHHHH you are so right At first I was like WHAAAT? She sings it in the end, but that's the song "The Me I Never Knew" which was also adorable. She was so beautfil, and a cute and genuine voice.


I've never been this far before,
It's twice as bright,
I can't think why,
But it feels as if
There's two suns in the sky.

I've never felt this strange before,
The world seems like a birthday cake,
And I think I'll take a slice
Before I wake.

There's so much more for me to find,
I'm glad I've left behind behind.
I used to think that's all there was
And now I'm so surprised because...

I've never been this far before.
I've never known a better day,
But if I come back,
At least I'll know the way.

I recorded myself singing it using the instrumental version on the CD as a "karaoke" track. I think I'll leave it to Fiona, though...

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