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WHY did they not restore this version, as has been done w/all the others

I own and have seen all the other versions ('51 Disney animated, 1985 movie, 1999 made for t.v. film)----------------and ALL of these have been restored/digitally re-mastered, etc. for upmost audio/video quality. I have an HD/LCD t.v., so I know it's not my t.v. No way. But, I got this one at Target yest. for $5.50. I did find this version ('72) a few yrs. back (a "cheapie") for $1----------and this newest release of it is just a tad improved, but just not a good transfer, period. It's a British prod., but no excuses here. Anyone know why this one has not been dig. re-mastered, etc.???

Just. . . . . IMAGINE


It has been restored on both Region 2 and Region 4 discs. I got mine from Australia; widescreen, remastered print, and remastered sound track.


The film has never actually gotten a restoration. Well, according to wiki. I agree with that statement since I have all the versions.

I have the version done by ebay seller ACME TV and it isn't bad. You have to zoom in the picture, at least on my TV. But it's better than messing with a region coded disc.


No, that's completely incorrect. I have a wide screen edition on Region 4 disk, that has color correction, is widescreen anamorphic, and has a dolby soundtrack. I think the publisher is (was) Force Video.

I continue to fail to see why people continue to rely on "wicked"-pedia as a source of information.


That's awesome. I have a crap version I burned off a crap version I got from a video store.

Could you shoot me any info either here or privately so I can purchase the version you speak of? This movie holds a special place for me. I fondly remember watching it as a child.



Sorry for the late reply. I'm not sure if the Force Video version is still available, though a restored version on R2 from UK is available. Although last I checked you couldn't buy it online and have it shipped to the states for some strange reason.


New version is out by "Moving Picture Archive"/DigiCom TV:

It's a completely different print of the film. Still nothing special, the widescreen picture isn't terrible, the sound seems muffled (still need to compare it to my 4 other versions I own on DVD). Seems to me I'll be watching this one for now. One thing, a watermark appears below the title during the credits. "Moving Picture Archive" in white. but only for a second is is not repeated.



I'm going to take another chance on this. I've always loved the massive amount of artistry that was put into this production, and really feel burned by poor transfers.

The Force Video version from Australia is a dupe of the restored Oraclehe version from the UK, and both are highly compressed, even though they are anamorphic and color corrected.

This really is a classic children's film, if somewhat dated, and should receive a much better treatment than it's been given.


It's not a full wide screen edition, and the color correction seems a bit on the cool side.

It's missing something like ... 10 to 15 percent of image on either side. The compression is good. It should look okay on a regular NTSC TV, however on my super wide computer monitor in full screen, it does look somewhat pixelated and compressed. I truly hope a full 4k bluray will get released.

Otherwise the sound seems okay to me. The image is a bit larger than the Force Video edition, but the Force video edition is a full widescreen image, and also color corrected. Although it's not a 4k scan.

Will this poor film never see a proper restoration? I wish I worked for Disney so I could convince them to buy it and restore it. It's right up their ally ... their own animated version not withstanding.