30 years later.

Saw this flick when I was teenager. Recently raved to a girlfriend how cool it was and convinced her to rent it. Girlfriend now thinks I'm kind of a jerk. Oh well.



Understandable, it's a movie that is intimately tied to it's time . . . possibly more so than most period pieces. It exudes the hippie ideals of the late 60s-back to nature, self-discovery, brotherhood, peace . . . it's like a time machine back to that very narrow window before cynicism and commercialism took over. It wreaks of Hate Ashbury, communal living . . . sort of like a western Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.

It might help to know that it's a good vs. evil parable with Elvin playing Satan and the old man as an angel--though perhaps that's obvious.

I saw it when it was released and I still love this movie--mostly for the metaphysical/philosophical time trip, naive as it all was.