Why the living dead?

Check out the main picture for this title – it's the DVD cover of the UK region 2 Arrow release. It has a few zombie-like heads half-buried in the ground and the tagline, "God help us… if they rise again!!!". None of this has anything to do with the film.

I've noticed a lot of this with these Franco/sub-Franco-style "horrors" – the worst culprit probably being "Virgin among the Living Dead" which has a cover full of zombies and a film completely free of them!

I understand that films like this are so completely awful they need as much help as they can get to market themselves, and for this reason I understand such blatant dishonesty… BUT WHAT is the obsession with ZOMBIES??!!! Surely if they love them so much they could have put a few in the films themselves?


Hi, Yes I think that you've hit the mark there as the DVD cover/poster seems to be very misleading. As this film was made in 1971, I can only assume that it was created to cash-in on the Night Of The Living Dead "popularity" of the time?.

I quite like the cover art and think that it is rather good, unlike the film!.