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Art and opening quote (slight spoilers)

There were 3 moments in the film where a painting, or painting inspired set, featured in a way that seemed significant. When Simon is hatching his plan for the train robbery in a grey, grey room; in the background is a window with stained glass that resembled a Mondrian painting. Later when Simon meets Paul and Louis at the art gallery the scene opens with the camera moving away from a painting of a street with houses that reminded me of St.Jean-du-Monts where they robbed the bank. Shortly after this the scene ends with Simon staring intently at a self portrait of van Gogh.

What is the significance of these moments? Perhaps there are others -?

Also how does the opening quote, repeated later by Edouard, relate to his character and the film's theme(s)? The quote is man has only ever inspired ambiguity and ridicule in a police officer. Edouard shows little mercy to suspects or the transvestite informant whose information lets him down. Is this quote merely a reflection of his attitude?

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