Police Station

There's a shot of the police HQ (I assume) from the outside at one point in the film. I can't work out whether it's the architecture that gives it a strange, almost wobbly appearance - or a trick of the lens/light. Either way, it's remarkable.

Anybody know if it's a real building and if so whether it still exists?


I wish I knew where it is, too. The building looks like it's about to fall apart at any time. That's not a camera trick, the building is really like that. It looks like something Gaudi would have built.

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it's a really cool building. I was thinking it looked like the sort of building Frank Gehry would design.

if you're not familiar with Frank Gehry, look him up to see some really wild architecture

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This building is in Paris, 72 Rue Regnault. Architect: Jacques de Brauer
here's the link: http://structurae.net/structures/data/index.cfm?id=s0048126



Thank you so much. I'd forgotten about this and it was only when recently going through a stack of DVDs at home that it came back to me.

If ever you need an obscure building located and I can return the favour!