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Tell TCM you object to its heavy-handed censorship.

Two threads on this board confirm that TCM recently aired a "sanitized" version, without the man-on-man kiss. I believe they did this because they were worried about right-wing wingnuts bombarding them with hate mail and threatening a boycott.

I'm tired of those narrow-minded liberty-stealers controlling our lives, and by "our," I mean all of us who want a calmer world in which everyone has the same rights and is treated with respect. So I say we give TCM the same snailmail+email assault to let them know that we object to this cowardly acquiescence. Appeasing wingnuts never works; look at Britain and Germany in the 30s.

Write to TCM, telling them that pandering to an anti-freedom audience is harmful and that we're just as potent a boycotting force as those narrow-minded idiots.

"All you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people."


It can be quite interesting to read rants - I mean posts - by the righteously indignant. Yours is especially interesting, since you commit the very act you denounce others of doing. In the second paragraph you call the people who disagree with you "narrow minded". Ummm, isn't it narrow minded to criticize people whose opinions you disagree with? (After all, if you were open minded you'd be more open to other people's opinions - right?)

Let me see if I can explain this so that even you can understand it. Imagine for a moment a movie that includes a scene depicting animal cruelty, like someone who puts lighter fluid on an animal, lights it, and then shows it running around in terror. Or a scene of a dogfight where two dogs end up tearing each other into shreds. Would you be up in arms if TCM or another channel cut that part out?

Just because you like something does not mean everybody else has to also. I know that's one of the bizarre aspects of the age we live in now, and so many people today no longer seem to understand it. Or may be they're just afraid to speak out.

Oh, and I think there's another point that you need to be clued in on. Freedom of expression applies to governmental action and not private enterprise. You would be right if this were a case of the government ordering the scene to be cut from the film instead of a particular channel that chooses not to include it.

Last, but not least, your overblown title ("Tell TCM you object to its heavy-handed censorship" - hey, you forgot to end it with 4 or 5 exclamation marks!!!!!) completely ignores the very likely possibility that that was the only available print available for TCM. In the past TCM hasn't shied away from controversial movies and I'm actually surprised that they didn't show the version with the offensive scene. But why let that get in the way of your righteous indignation. I'm just sorry I can't watch you foam at the mouth as you bemoan not seeing two men kiss. (It's also good to know leftists are allowed to be hypocrites and self righteous bigots.)

Keeping people straight since 1968. No need to thank me - I already know you're grateful.


Folks like you are so ... predictable. Foolishly equating an act of violence (torturing an animal) with an act of love? Hahahahahahaha.

Next predictability: The foolish likening of someone who wants freedom for all (and therefore opposes constriction) to someone who wants to constrict lots of other people. Gee, I am SO closed-minded for opposing dictators, Nazis, bigots of all kinds ...

You are free to pretend that the world is flat -- but I think your journey would be smoother and more pleasant if you were to accept reality. (Which includes the fact that LGBT people are normal. That you [an anti-gay bigot] came to troll this movie's board says it all -- oh, and you know what the research says about homophobes ...)

May you always get exactly what you deserve. I mean that in the warmest way.

PS: If I made as many grammatical errors as you do, I'd be verrrrrrrry careful about implying that the poster I'm responding to is stupid ("Let me see if I can explain this so that even you can understand it").

"All you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people."


I have observed that a large percentage of right-wingnut bigots (who bash immigrants who speak at least two languages, English and their native tongues) have atrocious spelling, grammar and vocabulary. The "alot" (sic) crowd live up to what studies have shown: That they are poorly educated, ignorant and happy to remain so.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty.


Well, Abner, Helen is right and you are wrong. I, and I am sure many TCM watchers, are film fans and we want to see films in their original versions, uncut and uncensored. This is the reason I no longer watch films on the major television channels. I refuse to watch a film that has been edited for any reason. An edited version is not the artist's original. To me it would be as if the Mona Lisa was cut down to fit into a smaller frame to fit on a museum wall. And, like many others who love TCM, we trusted the channel to show complete, unedited films. When we discovered that this film was edited, we were VERY disappointed. One, there was no disclaimer before the showing to tell us that it had been edited and, two, if they edited this film, how about all the other films they show?

As for your comment

It's also good to know leftists are allowed to be hypocrites and self righteous bigots.)
NOTHING beats a right-winger when it comes to being a hypocrite or a self-righteous bigot.