Sunday BORING Sunday

Now before anyone tells me that I "should stick with Transformers" (which I hate beyond belief), I have nothing against slower films if it's actually building towards something interesting. That was not the case for me here, so I would love it if someone could enlighten me, as to why this film is regarded so highly. I admit that I wasn't born when it was released, and so perhaps the "feel" of it is lost on me? I understand that the kiss scene and relationship between the two men was highly explosive for 1971, but now feels tame. In other words, as a person watching this for the first time, I don't feel this holds up that well.

It just takes FOR-ever to get where it's going, and where it ends up...Peter Finch giving a monologue into the camera blathering on about something (?) is very anti-climactic. I could be wrong, but this feels like the type of film that tried too hard to be arthouse and edgy for its day. Mostly I will just remember how grating the children were, the palpable chillness, and how unimaginably dull the characters were. Was that the point? To show that counter-culture wasn't that exciting, and that we're all so banal and desperate?


It didn't try to be arthouse stuff at all - note the director.

Back then, when I was in my teens, top ranking directors opted for films with storylines where the audiences were required to read into the characters a lot more than many movies nowadays.
Hence your boredom, perhaps.
It does hold up rather well, I assure you.