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On TCM March 2008

Rejoice! Uncut and Letterbox!

I've never gotten to see this, but I hear it's one of the best versions. Also showing Welles' MACBETH the same night. I love TCM!


Saw it. Scofield was wonderful. The movie however from the standpoint of communicating to the audience is chaotic and is often very hard to follow.

For a movie based on the Shakespeare story which is much superior as a film, I recommend the Japanese interpretation, Ran.

it's just in my humble opinion - imho -


Absolutely. Scofield is fantastic. (I'm going to have to check out more of his work. He was the best thing in Gibson's Hamlet as The Ghost, and I remember being impressed with him in Henry V, but that's all I've seen.)

The film certainly assumes that the viewer is familiar with the play, doesn't it? I really would have liked to see more of the text in the film, but that's my usual complaint. The film has definitely earned its reputation as the bleakest Lear!

I really like Ran, too. It really keeps the sprit of the play even without the language. The DVD I find myself watching the most is the James Earl Jones production from 1974. I wish there were more productions taped in front of audiences. I think it really inspires the actors.


I saw it on TCM. I thought it was a powerful rendition. It wasn't shown in letterbox, tho, which is disappointing.


Yeah, I'm not sure if I imagined that the TCM listing originally said letterboxed or it really did. I can only assume TCM couldn't find a widescreen print, because they are usually pretty good about showing movies in the original aspect ratio. Oh well. I'm glad they showed it anyway, even if some of the faces where barely on the screen at times. This movie did have a lot of close-ups!