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Why did the new dvd go OOP. so quick?

This was released end of June 2013.

Luckily I snatched on from Diabolik.

It was gone from Amazon, (not sellers) within 24hrs of being released.

Diabolik has been out of em' since early August.

It no longer appears on the Grindhouse flix/ Charles Band whatever site for sale.

Only the awful Killer Eye, with very similar artwork is there now.

Fewer & fewer copies on ebay.

This may end up fetching a good price.

Glad I got one.

And most folks hate this film I consider it essential viewing.

Especially for lovers of Le Bad Sinema!


You mind giving quick review of the disc? Is it uncut, 16:9? Any extras?


It is a total dissapointment! It is a bootleg of their vhs release!! By far the worst DVD release of 2013!!


It's not out of print. It is still available on the Full Moon website and on The DVD is worth getting if you want a cheap copy of the movie, but it's basically a direct rip of the VHS. At least it's a better rip than some of the other Full Moon/Wizard DVDs like Dreamaniac, which supposedly looks worse than the VHS.