Deleted Scenes-Spoilers

I recently watch this movie and noticed that scenes were cut from the movie because the first time I saw this film there were scenes of W.W.II London and a German doctor talking about an manuscript of this case and the title of the movie on the book at the beginning of the movie.Also,at the ending of the movie.the German doctor spoke about this case.I hope someone can found out what happen to these scenes and let me know.


According to the movie review book, Leonard Maltin's 1998 Movie & Video Guide, part of the review says, "Not bad---but hampered by addition of psychiatrist 'explaining' main character for TV prints."

So, I guess if you saw it recently on TCM, then that's the way it would have been seen in theatres.

Hope that helps you.


I've wondered about this too, but have since found out what the situation is: When the film was shown on American TV in the later 70's -- around 1976 or 1977 -- a lot of the gory scenes were cut out, and new scenes were filmed to fill out the movie and explain to the audience what was going on. Those were the scenes you are remembering. They involved David Frankham (playing a reporter) interviewing Severn Darden (playing the psychiatrist who talks about the book he has written).

I just got a Blu-ray/DVD rerelease of the movie from Synapse films, and they say the video of those scenes seems to have been destroyed in the recent Universal Studios fire in 2008. However, some of the audio remains, and they provide the (not very good quality) audio of those scenes as an extra. I would hope that somewhere there might still exist some prints of the U.S. TV version of the film.