and not in a good way


When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


Horrifyingly inept I think is the right phrase with editing errors galore (a shot of a boy diving into a swimming pool is repeated at one point) plus a ridiculous story and acting.

My favourite actor is the one with long hair in the congregation who is certainly giving his all when singing (incidentally the several different scenes of the congregation singing were clearly all shot in one afternoon as everyone wears the same clothes and is in the same position).

I loved the fact that the 40 something Tony Beckley, clearly a nutter to anyone with half a brain, was able to pick up this 20-ish girl for a date and their first date consists of a double-bill of Scars of Dracula and Horror of Frankenstein followed by some illicit skinny dipping in the local municipal baths. Those were the 1970s, eh!