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No one is talking about this? Who has never seen this?

If anyone is looking for it, let me know or just look here and search by name/title! Thanks!

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I've seen it many times. I like it. &


Saw this at the drive in with ma and pa when I was a kid. Loved it. Still a fan.

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I bought the Legacy DVD probably a few years back, and yesterday I finally got around to watching it. Not a bad film, but not great either. I was never a fan of Evel's anyway. I know the movie was fictionalized, but in the movie he comes off real paranoid, and kind of a jerk, and in the flashbacks as a criminal.

I like the stock footage of the real Evel's accident on the motorbike. That looks so brutal. Like a dummy flapping around.


...The event"SNAKE RIVER CANYON" looked more like the ANNUAL MOTORCYCLE RALLY IN STURGIS,SD than a family picnic. The 1 perk was that the seXXX was unbelievable. All these women were so(horny)caught up in the jump, everybody was pushing women away. Great looking women!!! & once the jump happened, it became 1 big ORGY, that's what it was!!! It was'nt even an ORGY it was "HEY U WANT TO GET LAID???...


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a few misc. Xcerpt's

...John Milius(wrote part of the script for DIRTY HARRY & pieces of dialogue for APOCALYPSE NOW "I luv the smell of napalm in the morning")

"He was 1 of those guys who would bet u in a BAR that he had your name tattoo'd on his C@CK!!! Then he would whip it out & he'd have the "your" & "name" tattoo'd, just so he could WIN bets in BARS. That kinda guy..."

"Are the women in England as beautiful as they say??? he(evel)asked
"Yes," he(the bloke)replied."They are called English roses."
"Good," Evel said. "I'll water a few of them."

"Excuse me Evel"he said. "My names Richard Burton. I just saw u here & wanted to say hello. I'm a FAN"

...I wound it(the stunt cycle)to full speed then tapped the spinning back wheel on the top of my best MATES(lol)head said Mike a 43yr old from England. The effect was immediate my MATE was almost SCALPED!!!(guess he was watching to many american/yank LONE RANGER & TONTO movies on the telly)

...All of CHAPTER 14:TOYS(nostalgia flashbacks of some of my male cousins playing with their Evel K. toys & i remember having 1 of those BABY ALIVE DOLLs,sadly i can't recall what happened to it, probably would be WORTH something NOW!!!)

..."I'm a guest @ the AVN AWARDS!!!"Evel said. His friend did not know what the awards were. He saw a sign ADULT VIDEO NEWS & there was an abundance of pretty women in the lobby. The women were all PORN STARS!!! The AVN AWARDS were the OSCARS OF THE PORN INDUSTRY!!! Evel was a guest @ the PORN OSCARS!!!...

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Doctor Carl's Hog Hospital(lol)

The Brown Bunny(2003)(i'll bet u in a BAR that Evel woulda liked this!!!)

Ghost Rider(2007)(Evel says i coulda played the HELL!!! OUTTA!!! THAT!!! PART!!! & DID ALL THE STUNTS MYSELF!!!)

TIMERIDER:The Adventure of Lyle Swann(1982)

The Teleportation Accident(novel by Ned Beauman)(the ABSINTHE BARS OF PARIS???)


The World's Fastest Indian(2005)(i'll bet u in another BAR Evel woulda liked this 1 also!!!)

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