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To All The Chowder-Heads who are asking "Why is THIS on Criterion ?"

Let me just illustrate one point here.........

There is a scene in "Equinox" that takes place inside a cave. The exterior shot is that of Los Angeles' Bronson Canyon ( an area with an existing REAL cave) .
The INTERIOR of the cave- was constructed by the young film-makers out of materials from a hardware store (chicken wire, plaster, wood, paint, etc.) their parent's suburban backyard !

(Now- they did not construct an ENTIRE cave --merely a wall that looked to be about 6 feet high by 18 feet wide) .

The scene in the film involves a creepy old man that pops out of nowhere and there is a chase through the cave.

(The Creep is played by the director's Grandfather by the way (LOL).

They then filmed the scene entirely at night so the "cave" was shrouded in darkness and with minimal lighting as to appear to be "torch-lit".

The completed scene is not only convincing -- it's pretty frightening if you're watching this alone with the lights out !

On teen-renegade film-geek ingenuity and creativity alone -- this film deserves "the Criterion treatment" ! I think the entire cast & crew were about 18 to 22 years old!

🎃 Equinox We Salute You! 

...and I'll bet all you "Why Criterion" critics can't even make your own Halloween costumes ! Take that!

"In every dimension , there's another YOU!"


This movie scared that crap out of me when I was young.