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When did you first see this? Where were you? What did you think?

First HEARD about it from a classmate on the school playground in 1970. He had just seen it in the theater (drive-in) and told me the entire story. I was a "horror kid" thus- I was intrigued .
Fast forward to 1977-ish. Late night TV (after Saturday Night Live, I believe- but on a different station : WOR channel 9 from New Jersey).
LOVED IT!!!!!! It became my "comfort" movie even!
Lo and behold a Criterion Release! WOW! This was like a treasure chest of buried gold nuggets! Oh those extras and the original movie pre-release .

"In every dimension , there's another YOU!"


Circa 1979/1980 on late night TV. Local stations out of Baltimore/DC. It was shown pretty regularly back then. I would watch it every time it aired. I dug it a lot.

Some scenes are unintentionally funny, like the Asmodeus kissing scene. But considering it was made by a bunch of college kids, it's pretty impressive.