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Utterly hilarious scene in cottage

I have a soft spot for this for a number of reasons, but it has, for me at least, a truly hysterical scene, when what seems to be half the cast are having a meal in the Cornish cottage. When the script was written they obviously envisaged a much larger kitchen, thus with so many people around a small table and needing to get the camera crew and sound men in, the actors are totally crammed together and virtually have their elbows in each other's dinners! You can see them struggling to lift the cutlery to their mouths, Never fails to crease me up. Many, many years ago I met the writer and director of this, Ted Hooker, who was trying to get another movie off the ground, Apostle Of Frankenstein, a modern-day version to be shot in 1970s London, which was of course never made. Crucible Of Terror is deeply flawed from beginning to end, but I find it enjoyable and oddly charming.