Which movie?

I'm looking for the title of a horror film I saw many years ago, in the early 80s. I believe it was probably made in the 70s. It was color and looked like a low budget B picture as the color was faded. I thought it was Crucible of Terror, but I just found a VHS and watched it, and it isn't it.

The one I'm looking for does have some things in common with this one, though. It does have a group of college or high school students, and it does have an insane artist as the killer. I don't think it was set in the UK as this one is, as I don't remember any English accents. In the one I saw, girls are going missing and being searched for. The artist is deforming or mutilating living victims in some sort of secluded laboratory and keeping them prisoner as living sculptures. We don't find this out until the end, when one of them turns around. Her face from one side is normal, but when she turns to the other side, we see it is lobed and looks to have gills, something like a seahorse or chambered nautilus. It was very grotesque and has stuck in my memory. In this same scene, a Jacob's Ladder device is sparking in the background, and I think there were some bell jars, test tubes and other lab equipment on a shelf.

I'd really like to know what this movie is. Someone out there has to have seen it.



This is probably not it, and it's from 1988, but just as a hunch, could it be "Waxwork"?