Anyone seen this?

So, has anyone seen this?

"You are the Duke of New York. You are A # 1!"


so good. if it wasn't for my father, i wouldn't have heard of this -- it's easy to see how much this director has influenced modern cinema. you can also trace his own influences very easily -- so yes, i was very impressed.

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Aha, thanks alot man.

"You are the Duke of New York! You are A # 1!"


i just watched it tonight!

Highly recommended!!!

Influenced modern film for decades...

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Just watched it last night, terrific. I'm a big Takeshi Kitano fan, and I know that Fukasaku was a big influence on Kitano's work. I noticed that one of the songs in the film(the traditional Okinawan "welcome song") was also in Kitano's Sonatine.