What was that odd sawed-off lever action firearm?

On the cover of the dvd box, Yul Brynner is firing a unique firearm.

At first it resembles Josh (Steve McQueen) Randall's Mares Leg, aka, Mares Laig, from the 1958 western television show, "Wanted: Dead or Alive", a highly modified 1892 Winchester lever action, reduced to a 12-inch barrel and cut-off buttstock.

But look carefully. Instead of the typical tubular magazine, Yul Brynner is pushing in 'harmonica-shaped' cartridge magazine from the left of the firearm.

Was this a real, historical firearm or a Hollywood invention? I'm no gunsmith. Is it feasible?


I read where it's a studio prop as Winchester never manufactured one with a harmonica magazine. But there were several other rifles and handguns with that unique magazine.