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Olivia Mela in "Angie... Angie..."...

Olivia Mela is the 'purple bikini' girl whose delightful rear view graces the screen in the title sequence of THE PERSUADERS! She makes her appearance in the pilot episode "Overture" but does it really stop there? I'm currently watching THE SWITCH, that tacked-together movie which kicks off with "Angie... Angie..." and there is a girl seen from behind, very briefly, in the Cannes swimming pool, before she and her slinky rump becomes one of the magnificent passers-by as Brett and Danny struts through town. Wow, doesn't stop there. She pops up again as the French-speaking cyclist almost colliding with Danny outside the bank. I'm almost 100% sure this is Olivia Mela as well, but no cast credit appears here on IMDb for this ultra-minor part, so I cannot currently verify my suspicion and turn this yummy info into a Trivia contribution. But, come on! It's her! They had an entourage of models around? And Olivia was a favorite, of course. Missing out only because she couldn't speak English.

Anybody agree that it is her?

Update, 2016/07/27, 11:11:43 AM. Yes, I am a bit more clever than IMDb on this subject. TV Com agrees with me, even though IMDb lists her for only one appearance. The Trivia contribution was done a little while ago.


She was a very sexy lady but sadly I've never seen her face!!!!