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Greatest injustice in the history of television..

Well almost. It is definately one of the biggest injustices ever that this show only lasted one season. In my oppinion, this show had everything, action, comedy and two amazing leading actors who really shined in this show. I often read that the reason it was popular in europe was because of the way it was translated, implying that the original version wasn't funny. Now I live in Denmark and have only seen the real version, with Curtis and Moore's actual voices and the actual lines, and I think that the show is hilarious. Obviously I don't know how the show got translated but in my oppinion, this show is great and it will always have a special place in my heart and being one of the most enjoyable shows I have ever seen.


Hi Krycek-4-Life,

A nice tribute there..."The Persuaders!" was a very unique show in the fact that it did possess all these great elements and with the addition of two of the world's best-loved actors this totally added to it's uniqueness.

Curtis & Moore brought their own brands of humour to the show and this is what gave it the wonderful chemistry element. I'm sure that the translated versions of the series were very amusing for each respective country to understand what was going on but as they say - you can never beat the original.

Nevertheless, I'm so glad of the show's European success because back in the early '70's it didn't really make a dent in the American TV market - the genre it was intended to conquer when it was first produced...a real shame.

However, after all these years I do believe that "The Persuaders!" has found a certain nieche for itself in the States and it's popularity around the world appears to continually grow.

Nice 1.


I thought there were 2 seasons? Amazon is selling 2 different seasons.

"Good night, Vienna, city of a million something-or-others..."


I think you might find it's the 1 Season of 24 episodes split into two....there were only 24 episodes made.


I agree. And I really can't understand why the American market carried so much weight. I mean, the show was sold to so many countries all around the world and gained a huge following. But because it didn't do well in the States it was axed. So unfair (sulking)

I also live in Denmark and remember watching the shows both on Danish and German TV as a kid. Danish TV still airs the show occasionally. But now I've bought the whole series on DVD, and I am still noticing things I have missed earlier (or am now old enough to understand!). Some of the banter is priceless, as are many of Moore's facial expressions (that patronising look of surprise - gold!)


I can't be sure of this, but I'd hazard a guess that the series perished simply because of Roger Moore's imminent involvement in the James Bond films, and the sheer impossibility of finding a suitable replacement for him.


That's it! That must be the reason.


Nah, Moore got the offer after it was cancelled :/


I read Roger Moore's bio and he says that because both "The Avengers" and "The Saint" did so well in the U.S. market, there was a similar expectation in ITV's projections for "The Persuaders." That's part of why the budgets and location shooting were pretty lavish.

The American ABC network did pick up the series for the U.S. after it had successfully aired in Europe. In September 1971, they put it on Saturday nights opposite "The Carol Burnett Show." It got clobbered in the ratings and moved to another night, and the ratings didn't improve. When it got canceled in Spring 1972, there were only three U.S. TV networks and the syndication market. Back then you needed at least 10 million viewers to survive on a U.S. network. Since the show wasn't getting good numbers, no one wanted it here. Since ITV couldn't justify that kind of production spending without American demand, "The Persuaders" went away. Today "The Persuaders" would find an audience on cable and do quite well, further promoted by online sharing.

As for James Bond, "Diamonds Are Forever" came out at the same time "The Persuaders" was airing. Sean Connery made it clear that was going to be his last go-around. Since Moore was then available, you know the rest.

We can Monday Morning Quarterback this forever, but ABC didn't promote this show properly. Maybe it would have worked has they used a "wheel" strategy like NBC with Columbo, "McCloud" etc. and paired it with another production. If they had dolloped out "The Persuaders" with 12 episodes a year like in Europe -- or like American cable does now with shows like "Mad Men" -- it might have run longer.


Not sure exactly where that info came from, but Wikipedia–72_United_States_network_television_schedule seems to show something a little different.

For part of the 1970-71 season, 'The Persuaders!' was in a really odd 9:30-10:30 slot, up against 'Medical Center', 'The NBC Mystery Movie, and 'Mannix'. For the rest of 70-71, it was against 'The Sixth Sense', and 'Mission: Impossible'.
But at no point did I see it against 'The Carol Burnett Show'.

Still, either one of those others would have been a tough slot, and frankly 9:30 - 10:30 was just really, really stupid.